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Frantzén ***

Okay, so I really don’t know what to say about this. I’m speechless.

But yeah, I turned 30 last week so me and my awesome and wonderful girlfriend Nathalie went to Frantzén here in Stockholm which has 3 stars in Guide Michelin and is the only one in Sweden, ever, with that.
It was incredible and it’s now hard to adjust to regular food. haha. :)

Enjoy the pictures!
And if you ever get the chance, go there.

Okej, jag vet inte riktigt vad jag ska säga om detta. Jag är mållös.

Men ja, jag fyllde 30 förra veckan så jag och min fantastiska och underbara flickvän Nathalie gick till Frantzén här i Stockholm som har 3 stjärnor i Guide Michelin och är den enda i Sverige, någonsin, som har det.
Det var otroligt och det är nu svårt att anpassa sig till vanlig mat. haha. :)

Njut av bilderna!
Och om du någonsin får chansen, åk dit.

Vad är det som är så speciellt med The Black Swan at Oldstead?

Ja, det kan man ju undra!  

Det är nämligen så att de har blivit utsedda till världens bästa restaurang enligt TripAdvisor Travelers Choice! Det är ju hur häftigt som helst, och prestigefullt som attans! Att ha blivit utnämnd till nummer 1 på denna lista slår många andra utmärkelser då man för att hamna på just denna lista alltså har fått så höga betyg utav sina gäster att ens rankning nått såhär högt.

Congratulations and incredibly well done, The Black Swan at Oldstead!

Whisky on Fjäderholmarna

Hello there! This Monday I met up with two dear friends, Kenneth and Erik, to take the boat to Fjäderholmarna (an island right where Stockholms archipelago begins), because they actually own a Mackmyra barrel with whisky stored on the island.

We got a private view and tour of the rock shelter where the barrel is stored, we also tapped out a few centiliters to taste. The whisky has been stored on a bourbon barrel, with Swedish oak, for about 1 and 1/2 years so far, and it will be at least 2 more years, maybe more until they drain the whole thing in to bottles. (It can't be called whisky if it hasn't been stored for at least 3 years)

We tried their whisky together with, among other things, a whisky stored in the same way as theirs but for just over 3 years, as well as a whiskey who has been stored on a sherry barrel for 5 years. All by Mackmyra, of course. :)

In the already fully developed similar whisky with the same conditions, you could feel that the oak had impressed the drink in a very subtle way, also that the alcohol became more dull and the taste became clearer.

The whisky who had been stored 2 years longer and on a sherry barrel had a completely different character and also had gained a much darker color tone.

After enjoying these noble spirits for a while, we proceeded into the restaurant, Fjäderholmarnas Krog, where we had booked a table for the evening.

The food was incredibly good. I started the dinner with a Roughneck Råg IPA, a beer from Fjäderholmarna's own brewery containing rye. Very good! As starter, I took some oysters with champagne, followed by a very well-balanced fish stew with a rich tomato consommé with aioli on the side. It did not look much to the world, but it was very filling and the blue mussels were cooked to perfection.

The dinner was finished off with an apple pie together with dried fresh apple and cardamom ice cream. A very good combo. Haha.

A very inspiring and enjoyable evening with good friends, whisky, food and everything around it, on an island in the archipelago of Stockholm. It can't get much better than that.


Entrance Their barrel Barrels Tests Glasses Hand and glass Bottles Folks 2 Hand Folks 3 Glass Menu 2 Menu 1 Beer Beer Champagne Bread Oysters Fish stew Apple Irish Folks Bird Skylt Directions Yannick

Guide Michelin ***

I think that everyone of you have heard of it, but do you know the story behind it?Did it just appear out of thin air? No, no, no. Let me tell you! 


The very first michelin guide came as early as in the year 1900 by the initiative of the tire manufacturer Michelin. In the beginning it was distributed for free to anyone who bought a new car. The purpose of the guide was actually to get people to tear the tires so much that they needed to buy new ones, haha. They were encouraged to travel as far as possible outside of Paris to the countryside for this to happen. They also had another intention with the bible, oh sorry! I mean the Michelin Guide (hehe!), this was to raise the interest for traveling by car so that more people would by one and then wear their tires out. haha, brilliant. Maybe not that environmentally friendly, but hey! Who cared in the beginning of the 20th century? Right?! ;)

The purpose in the beginning was to simplify peoples travel by car and it wasn't formed as the ones we have today, the early ones contained information about where to stop for gas, how to change light bulbs and tires, where to stop for a meal och sleep over.

The star-system was first introduced 30 years in, in the 30's. The food in the guide is rated with stars, from 1 to 3. The ratings for the environment, service and other impressions is rewarded with cutlery, from 1 to 5. The hotels are rewarded in the same way as the restaurants but with house symbols in different sizes. Red cutlery and house symbols are given to particularly pleasant restaurants and hotels.


The stars are only based on the food served.

Beside that, there's five criterias the inspectors look for: 1. The quality of the ingredients 2. The craftmanship - for example the taste and preparation 3. The personality -  how well the cook succeeds in finding his own expression within the dishes 4. Value for the money 5. The quality over time - There must be an equally amazing experience, no matter when you visit the restaurant

All the inspectors working for Guide Michelin are anonymous to assure the readers of the guide that they do not receive special service or treatment, just as any other guest.

The michelin guide's overall mission was back then, and still is, "a better way forward".

Swedish Michelin starred restaurants:

svenska restauranger


Have you guys ever eaten at a Michelin starred restaurant?

Review: Sjömagasinet, Gothenburg

Today I thought that I would publish one of my previous restaurant reviews from when me and Nathalie visited restaurant Sjömagasinet in Gothenburg a few summers ago. English version: (Original review in Swedish and pictures from our visit below)

Sjömagasinet Gothenburg, Sweden 2015-07-08

Situated right by the sea in the Klippan Cultural Reserve south of Gothenburg city, you will find enchanting Sjömagasinet housed in an old magazine, built in 1775. Name and reputation built by Leif Mannerström himself and Lars Ahlström between 1994 and 2010, to then put this in the same good sense under the direction of Ulf Wagner together with Gustav Trädgårdh. Yes, there are some real heavyweight name who bear the responsibility for this robust, in both pure physical and gastronomic sense, fine-tuned restaurant.

It's a very relaxed atmosphere when you step inside. At the door we are welcomed by a cloakroom attendant who receives our jackets, closely followed by a head waiter who shows us to the table. There is a perfect balance between the "correct" upon arrival to capture the guests in a lovely buzz and later the acted untouched professionalism when the menu and wine list are described simply from memory, especially considering that it is a star restaurant we are situated in.

We enjoy the "Sjömagasinets meny" which this season, among other things, consists of grilled tuna together with sashimi on scallops served together with a miso mayonnaise and thin sliced green asparagus, a grilled pikeperch served with fried potatoes and a lobster bearnaise sauce. However, the menu was not very well balanced as it contained quite heavy dishes throughout. The appetizer consisting of a tomato gazpacho was the element that gave a slightly more cozy element with its fresh and lightly sour tone.

Sjömagasinet is a restaurant that certainly has a high class concerning both service and cooking, the location is very unique which in some ways are positive, but the surroundings have more to be desired of when the restaurant is surrounded by parks and industrial areas. Of course, inevitably, it has blossomed up in modern times, but the overall impression is affected despite this. The menu changes every season, acting as a fresh fan which also allows you to visit frequently.

Price range: Dishes: Approx. 150 SEK (À la carte lunch only), Tasting menus: 645 - 895 SEK. Type of cuisine: Swedish, Fish. Do not miss: The incredibly wide wine list. Wheelchair adapted: Yes. Would I go here again: I would like to give it another chance. Awards: 1 Guide Michelin star. Rating: 3/5

Sjömagasinet Göteborg, Sverige 2015-07-08

Beläget precis vid havet i Klippans Kulturreservat söder om Göteborg stad finner man anrika Sjömagasinet huserat i ett gammalt magasin byggt redan 1775. Namn och rykte uppbyggt utav självaste Leif Mannerström och Lars Ahlström mellan 1994 och 2010, för att sedan försätta stoltsera i samma goda mening under regi utav Ulf Wagner tillsammans med Gustav Trädgårdh. Ja, det är några riktiga tungviktare som axlat ansvar för denna robusta, i både rent fysisk samt gastronomisk mening, fint stämda restaurang.

Det är en mycket avslappnad atmosfär man kliver in i. Vid dörren tas vi emot utav en garderobiär som tar emot våra jackor, tätt följt utav en hovmästare som visar oss till bordet. Det finns en perfekt balans mellan det ”korrekta” vid ankomsten för att fånga in gästerna i ett härligt surr och senare den till sättet agerat obrydda professionalismen när menyn och vinlistan beskrivs ofelbart rakt från minnet, speciellt med beaktning till att det är en stjärnkrog vi vistas i.   

Vi avnjuter ”Sjömagasinets meny” som denna säsong bland annat består utav halstrad tonfisk tillsammans med sashimi på pilgrimsmussla serverat tillsammans med en misomajonnäs och tunt skivad grön sparris, en halstrad gös serverad tillsammans med friterad potatis och en hummerbearneisesås. Menyn var dock inte särskilt välbalanserad då den innehöll ganska tunga rätter överlag. Aptitretaren bestående utav en tomatgazpacho var det inslag som gav ett något gemytligare inslag med sin fräschör och lätt syrliga ton.

Sjömagasinet är en restaurang som förvisso innehar en hög klass både servicemässigt och matlagningsmässigt, läget är väldigt eget vilket på ett sätt är positivt men omgivningen har annat att önska då restaurangen omges utav parkeringar och industriområden. Självklart oundvikligt då edsas blossat upp i modern tid, men helhetsintrycket påverkas trots detta. Menyn ändras varje säsong vilket agerar som en frisk fläkt och som gör att man kan besöka ofta.

Prisklass: Rätter: Ca. 150:- (Endast À la Carte lunch), Avsmakningsmenyer: 645-895:- Typ av kök: Svenskt, Fisk. Missa ej: Den otroligt breda vinlistan. Rullstolsanpassat: Ja. Skulle jag gå hit igen: Jag skulle vilja ge det ännu en chans. Utmärkelser: 1 Stjärna i Guide Michelin. Betyg: 3/5

sjomag-logo Sjömagasinet Matsalen Sjömagasinet Meny Sjömagasinet dukning Sjömagasinet Bröd Sjömagasinet Gazpacho Sjömagasinet Förrätt Sjömagasinet Rätt I Sjömagasinet Rätt 2 Sjömagasinet Dessert