Once upon a Time...

 -In collaboration with Lambretta Watches -

At the dawn of time (1947, haha) this guy called Ferdinando Innocenti came up with a terrific idea right after World War II had calmed down, namely to make scooters!

He got inspired by the Cushman Scooters that the US had during the war and wanted to make his own, but of course better and for the wide masses. He saw a need that he could take advantage of, and he already had a steel tubing factory throughout the war making components for the Italian Air Force!

A little history lesson here as well! How great isn't that? 

But what does this have to do with watches you might think? - That is an extremely good question. Let me answer that for you! Lambretta Watches wants to capture the really cool and inspiring retro twist from the early 60's "mods", which really helped Lambretta to become the icon it is today by their image and style. These watches are both modern and retro, capturing that same feeling of freedom and fun that a scooter as well might bring you!

Want one for yourself? Or maybe for a friend, family member, girlfriend, boyfriend, dog, baby, nemesis or maybe some other creature that you feel much about, or all of them?

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Just look how nice their watches are:

This is the Cesare 42 Blue Suede watch.