Lambretta Watches

This Friday was a very eventful day! The day started off with an event at Stockholmsmässan together with Lambretta Watches who was attending the Precious Fair 2017. The event was hosted Lifestyle Publishing before the launch of some new clocks designed by influencers Kissie and Foki!


It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed this event. Lots of nice people, great watches and tons of inspiring designs and items. Lambretta is a brand that, at least in my opinion, always has been really stylish and deliberate and I have owned several watches when I was younger by them. Then for a couple of years I haven't seen that much from them, until now! Which is so incredibly fun, Everything from their mopeds that's always been nostalgic and retro in it's style (Which I just love) to their watch brands where they really keep it in line with the whole retro and robust feeling.

From now on we are going to see more of Lambrettas watches! That is one thing that I can assure  you about. ;)

IMG_8399 2 IMG_8445 IMG_8427 IMG_8439 IMG_8410 IMG_8595

This photo is taken by: Jenny Gunnarsson 

Stay tuned for some more inspiring pictures and words about what I did later this Friday!