Downtown Camper

There's a new sheriff in town!I wonder, is the town big enough for all these hotels? I guess the answer is yes since they pop up in almost every street corner now a days.

One of the really hyped and newly renovated/built is the Scandic Downtown Camper located on Brunkebergstorg!


This press showing which I am so incredibly grateful for being invited to by Micael Bindefeldt took place and room last Thursday, which was one day before they actually opened!

We got to see some meeting rooms, guest rooms, of course public spaces, the bar and the restaurant which they very innovative call Campfire.

The lobby which you reach right when you step inside the hotel is spacious and welcoming, it feels like you want to be there. The front desk, lobby, restaurant, bar and lounge are all integrated in to one which gives a feeling of freedom and anonymity which I like.

When it was time to, so to say, tie the bag together after our tour around the hotel, we first got to try one of their drinks followed by a lunch consisting of; 3 starters Frittes (Fried brussels sprouts) Korean Spice (Tarts with kimchi, cucumber and cashew nuts among other things) Peruvian Tostadas (tostadas with crab meat and avocado)

1 main course Peking flirt (Grilled duck breast with rice balls filled with duck confit, chanterelles and plum sauce)

1 dessert Raspberry Lemon (Italian meringue, lemon, raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream)

It all tasted very good flavor wise and was very good balanced together with one another. Presentation wise also amazing, very appealing.

Tips from the coach: When you get the bread and butter before your dinner, spread a thick layer of butter on the bread. The butter is namely smoked! It tastes amazing.

One of the many cool things about the restaurant in particular which has stuck in my head, is the fire place in the middle of the dining room. Here you actually can buy a bag of marshmallows and then roast them over the open fire during service! I have never seen this before and I just love it. Here we talk innovative thinking!

I'm looking forward coming back to this hotel and also try to stay here for a couple of nights to get the whole experience "for real"!

Ground floor and up to floor 6 (approx. 300 rooms) opened last Friday the 1st of September, which was the official opening. Floors 7 and up (floor 9) plus the roof terrace with a bar and heated pool which will be open year round, opens on the 1st of December. The hotel has 494 rooms and 1107 (!) beds!

Also I just LOVE the interior, everything just came together just the way you want it to be. They really achieved that North American/Canadian wilderness, out in the wild, hiking type of feeling to it, which happens to be one of my favorite "styles".

Please, go there.

IMG_7742 IMG_7694 IMG_7738 IMG_7697 IMG_7708 IMG_7717 IMG_7728 2Imagine sitting here with some friends roasting marshmallows..! IMG_7747 IMG_7755 IMG_7771 IMG_7779 IMG_7754 IMG_7773 IMG_7782 IMG_7789 IMG_7799 IMG_7803 IMG_7806

OPENING HOURS CAMPFIRE Breakfast: Mon-Fri 06:30-10:00, Sat-Sun 07:00-12:00 Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:00-14:00, Sat-Sun Closed Dinner: Mon-Sat 17:00-23:00, Sun 17:00-22:00 Bar: Mon-Wed, Sun 11:00-00:00, Thu-Sat 11:00-02:00


ADDRESS Brunkebergstorg 9 111 51 Stockholm