Who the hell do I think I am?

This post I'm dedicating to tell you a little about myself. Who is this Yannick Lagher that has a little odd name, seems pretty crazy and thinks extremely highly of food?

Well, let me tell you! Beautiful, huh?

Yannick Tom Alf Lagher Kågerstig is my whole name. I am originally from a small town called Vänersborg here in Sweden located right by the lake Vänern's southern tip. I lived there until I was 19 years old when I sold my car, took my belongings and moved to Milan in Italy. The plan was that I would study Graphic Design at Instituto Europeo di Design there, but after being tricked out of a lot of money and the education not quite lived up to my expectations, I decided to move back home. I had no great desire to remain in small Vänersborg however, so I instead decided to move to Stockholm where my past best friend lived to try to create myself a nest up there instead. It was an incredibly exciting and commotion trip/process, I must say. For those of you who live in Sweden and ever tried to move from a small town to our capital Stockholm, you know that this is virtually impossible unless you have a fighting spirit and hoards of contacts. But in the end I managed, and in the midst of this confusion out of the apartment searching, job searching plus everything else, a girl appeared there in the middle of everything. And that girl you all probably know, for it is precisely the same girl that I have had the honor to call my girlfriend, life partner and better half for over 8 years now, it's obviously Nathalie I'm talking about! Wow, she's awesome.

For those of you who have basic skills in math, you have already come to the conclusion that I have lived in Stockholm for around nine years. And that is almost true, because about 1 & 1/2 years out of these, me and Nathalie lived in Örebro while I studied at the university Grythytte Academy to become a Culinary chef & food creator as the education so fancy was named. After the education was completed, we moved back to Stockholm and oh man I had a lot of different jobs after each other. Everything from being a personal care assistant to a cook, to shiftleader at Hilton Stockholm Slussen, then Manager at Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden for a shorter time and now I'm back at Hilton working as Marketing Coordinator. Haha!

Funny enough, it strikes me now in real time as I sit here and write this, that this text mainly is angled towards what I am educated in and what I've worked with, but is that really who I am?

- Nah, it's actually not.

I, Yannick, is when this is published, a 28-year old guy living with my girlfriend Nathalie in Stockholm. I love everything that has to do with food and is a very sensitive person who thinks enormously much about, sometimes very philosophical things, such as the human existence among many other things. I have at this time in life pretty recently gotten out of a sick leave caused by the fact that I, approximately 1 year ago, "hit the wall" as it so wittily is called. I know, I'm very young for this to have happened to me, but thats the way it is anyway. This is and has been downright a fucking hell, I must say, but it has also resulted in many very good things and has given me the tools on how to act in certain situations in my future life.

A very important insight that this has given me is that I from now on (finally some work related stuff again, haha) have decided to make as much fun, inspiring and rewarding things that I possibly can.

Because why not?

It is claimed that you only live once, so why not take advantage of this and just have as much fun as you can? I refuse to have a job where you just endure the weekdays and then finally have a couple of days off during the weekend, then just start all over again.. I want to, a bit little cliché-wise maybe, have an employment (job) that I do not need nor want to take a vacation from, and that's exactly what I'm arranging now.

The only thing stopping you is you. Think about that.


ME IThis is me, maybe a bit more business than most of you know me as. Damn, how I love this style. I should wear it more often!  ME IIThis is also me! ME IIIAnd can you imagine? This is also me!

So what have we learned here today, then?

Don't judge a book by it's cover, guys.