All right, the weekend has started and today I have done.. nothing. Which has been so incredibly delightful, this is just what I planned for. :) Yesterday on the other hand me and Nathalie spent wandering around the part of Stockholm that is called Vasastan where they have all sorts of different restaurants, shops, stores and not to leave out, probably Sweden's second most beautiful buildings (Östermalm's buildings totally over shines everyone else's).

Among other things we ate some sushi at this place called Sushi Takiya, probably one of the best sushi's in town actually. We use to go here all the time a couple of years ago and yesterday Nathalie remembered this place which resulted in us of course going there! It's still as good. Try them for yourself! They are located on Tulegatan 22 in Stockholm. Yum!

After this we met up with a couple of friends, namely Jonathan and Josephine, which we haven't met in I don't know how long, at least a couple of months! It was very nice to get together again catching up about all our life's and what's going on in them :) Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures more than on the drinks and food (haha!) at Mondo Tapas Bar where we met up, but check them up on Facebook if you want to see how they look! Haha.


NATHALIEThe wonderful and super talented Illustrator & Designer Nathalie Anna Gill, which also happens to be my girlfriend! Yay!SUSHI SANGRIASangria at Mondo Tapas Bar! PIMENTOSPimientos de Padróns with garlic, chili and sea salt at Mondo Tapas Bar! THE HIVESOne of the greatest bands that has ever existed.