I just realized something..  

I have been blogging for a whole year already (!) Time has gone by fast I must say, and it just keeps on accelerating, haha.

Being able to do this and that people actually read this blog and tell me that they enjoy it and get inspired makes me feel... well, speechless. :) I'm so incredibly thankful to all of you who read what I write. I love doing this and I have no plans at all regarding to stop, rather the opposite. To do it more!

Beside this blog I also have social media accounts on the following platforms in case you have missed that:

Instagram: @yannicklagher YouTube: Yannick Lagher Facebook: Yannick Lagher (One of the perks of having an unusual name is that it's always available, haha)  

If you want to have a look at my very first post you can read it here: Välkomna

Jag-i-köket-på-Kungsholmen-707x893Me cutting bread back at our old apartment on Kungsholmen in Stockholm