Time Attack Festival

Oh, hi there! Yesterday was a very exciting and fun day!

I was namely invited by Lifestyle Publishing to visit the race course Mantorp Park to participate at the Time Attack Festival! Time Attack Festival is a competition where all kinds of different cars race in different heats where the goal is to do the fastest lap around the track. So awesome! haha.

We were 3 influencers who were invited. Me, Platin and Johanna Sjöö. We got a ride from Stockholm to Mantorp with a some guys from Nexus Ball Rally (Read more about them on their site!) which was very nice.

Once at the track on Mantorp Park, we got to ride with Filip Svensson (PRO Class Champion) in his Radical SR3 RS which was amazingly fun! Se pictures below. The seat is very low near the ground, the car is almost like a mix between a gokart and a Formula 1 car so it was a huge force we experienced while riding in the car.

In addition to this we got to walk around freely in the depot inside the VIP area and watch all the awesome cars plus talk to the people who were there.

Towards the end of the event, we also got to go ride in a Lamborghini Huracán around the track (!) which of course was a boyhood dream that now came true. It was great fun!

Below you will find a couple of pictures from the day and I am also editing a movie that you soon will be able to watch on my YouTube channel!


Sign Mantorp Happy dudeOne happy dude! Ferrari Me with helmet PlatinsPhoto by Platin. Me in car II PlatinsPhoto by Platin. Me in car PlatinsPhoto by Platin. LambonLamborghini Huracán Me FoodSince I actually have a food blog, I thought that I would post at least one picture of food, so here we are! Yummy!

Take a ride around the track: