Kalamper Hotel & Spa. A big no, no.


One night we went to this hotel called Kalamper Hotel & Spa here in Montenegro where they have a beautiful roof terrace where you both can relax, have drinks, bathe, have dinner or just enjoy the sunset. Luckily the view, interior and atmosphere was amazing up there (Just look at the pictures below! :O), because the service and food was terrible. Or, the food wasn’t that terrible actually to be fair, but it took over 2 hours (!) to get the food!

At first we just ordered some drinks thinking that the waiter would come back and take our order, but we had to ask the staff if we could order some food after a while since they didn’t come back. We had even pre booked a table for dinner so this was pretty weird.

After the food finally showed up they almost got all the dishes right, except one, which can happen, so that’s okay.

Where the big no, no arise was when the person in our company after a further while got her dish, which was some grilled chicken, it was raw.

Luckily we had a person in our company who knows the language down here so he told the waiters a thing or two about what we have experienced and we got a complimentary dessert.

Lastly one thing is for sure, they didn’t get any tip I can tell you that.

I hate to say this but I would advise you Not to visit this restaurant since they did one to many wrongs unfortunately.

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