La Neta

Last week a close friend to Nathalie and me had her birthday, which we celebrated by going out eating together! We ended up at La Neta (Östgötagatan 12B), a Mexican restaurant serving authentic tacos. Everything is cooked from scratch, everything from the corn tortillas to the meat and all the accessories.

An authentic Mexican restaurant like this which serves tacos is called a "taquería", which is a place where you simply cook tacos.

In addition to tacos they also have quesidillas and a few other Mexican dishes.

What did I feel about the food then? I ordered one taco of each variety that they had, ie. Pastor (Marinated pork with pineapple), Suadero (Long-Cooked Prime Rib) and Bistec (Pan Fried Beef), served by 5. There were also chopped cilantro, chopped onions and a variety of different sauces to add to the dish which I thought was a very nice feature regarding the restaurant experience.

However, I'm not completely satisfied with the meat as this was very dry. It tasted overcooked and not that well seasoned. Hopefully this was a one time thing, because I would love to visit them again for another round :)

La Neta Östgötagatan 12B 116 25  Stockholm & Barnhusgatan 2 111 23 Stockholm

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