Linje Tio

Linje Tio!

Interior wise a very nice place, love their decor and environment. They have put a very cozy atmosphere at the whole restaurant.

Bar wise very high class, even internationally actually as their bar, Tjoget, was awarded place 25th on the Worlds 50 Best Bars list last year, which is absolutely amazing!

Food wise then? Well, I expected more. The food does not hold the same class as its bar unfortunately. We were a party of 8 people who asked the waiter to show us what they were made of, so to say. The menu is based on tapas, so we received a number of small dishes including pimentos de padrons, vitello tonnato, artichoke cream with roasted cauliflower, charcuteries and more. The vitello tonnato tasted the best, nothing to remark on here. The other dishes were quite uneven though, the dishes that were cooked to some extent had unfortunately not found the right flavor and texture.

When these small dishes were eaten, we had some appetite left on which we were advised to order some plates of today's dish, which was schnitzel with kale and fried potatoes, to saturate our appetite. Unfortunately, the meat was cooked too much and the seasoning were lacking.

In the end, the evening was very nice given the company I had to enjoy the dinner with, namely some of my closest colleagues from my job at Hilton Stockholm Slussen. The food did not meet my expectations, but I would like to return to give it a second chance some time in the future.

Linje Tio/Tjoget Hornsbruksgatan 24 117 34 Stockholm 08-22 00 21

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