Whisky on Fjäderholmarna

Hello there! This Monday I met up with two dear friends, Kenneth and Erik, to take the boat to Fjäderholmarna (an island right where Stockholms archipelago begins), because they actually own a Mackmyra barrel with whisky stored on the island.

We got a private view and tour of the rock shelter where the barrel is stored, we also tapped out a few centiliters to taste. The whisky has been stored on a bourbon barrel, with Swedish oak, for about 1 and 1/2 years so far, and it will be at least 2 more years, maybe more until they drain the whole thing in to bottles. (It can't be called whisky if it hasn't been stored for at least 3 years)

We tried their whisky together with, among other things, a whisky stored in the same way as theirs but for just over 3 years, as well as a whiskey who has been stored on a sherry barrel for 5 years. All by Mackmyra, of course. :)

In the already fully developed similar whisky with the same conditions, you could feel that the oak had impressed the drink in a very subtle way, also that the alcohol became more dull and the taste became clearer.

The whisky who had been stored 2 years longer and on a sherry barrel had a completely different character and also had gained a much darker color tone.

After enjoying these noble spirits for a while, we proceeded into the restaurant, Fjäderholmarnas Krog, where we had booked a table for the evening.

The food was incredibly good. I started the dinner with a Roughneck Råg IPA, a beer from Fjäderholmarna's own brewery containing rye. Very good! As starter, I took some oysters with champagne, followed by a very well-balanced fish stew with a rich tomato consommé with aioli on the side. It did not look much to the world, but it was very filling and the blue mussels were cooked to perfection.

The dinner was finished off with an apple pie together with dried fresh apple and cardamom ice cream. A very good combo. Haha.

A very inspiring and enjoyable evening with good friends, whisky, food and everything around it, on an island in the archipelago of Stockholm. It can't get much better than that.


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