Sigdal Bakeri

Actually, I'm not such a huge fan of crispbread, or rather, I'm quite picky when it comes to this. We only have one kind of crisp bread at our home. This after trying through virtually every single kind found at the grocery store, haha.

But suddenly it happens! I recently got the chance to try two different crispbreads from the Norwegian bakery Sigdal Bakeri located in the small town of Prestfoss in Norway. And their crispbreads was great!






Herbs & Sea Salt: Clear taste from herbs such as rosemary and thyme as well as just a lot of sea salt that only accompanies and enhances the flavors and the whole.












Oats: Sweet in the taste with tones of hot honey and hay. Just as crunchy as you want it. Incredibly good together with avocado and a glass of pomegranate juice






Which was the best then?

- Clearly Oats, these would be good to have everything from a cheese tray to a musical soup a bill Swedish summer day!

They sell their stuff here in Sweden as well, so swing by your nearest grocery store and try them out for yourself!



This was sent to me from P. PR & Communications as they wanted me to try these and give my review of them. And I can promise you that if I hadn't liked one of them or even neither of them, I would have said that. I am so incredibly thankful that I get to do these things that I just can't find words for it. Thank you to everybody who are making this possible for me. 

I will forever be genuine and true in my statements and reviews.