Last Friday it finally was time!We decided to have dinner at the Royal Opera House's restaurant Brasseriet in Stockholm.

I have for a long time been very expectant of this place as I have heard very good reviews about this place from people I know, as well as articles in newspapers and so on.

The menu is based on a number of side dishes that you choose from where the recommended amount is 3 which is equal to an appetizer and a main course. We instead took 2 dishes each and then a dessert.

I took the White Asparagus and Steak Tartar followed by Rhubarb with Sour Cream Sorbet and drank a very good Pinot Grigio wine followed by a large cup of coffee and some rum.

The White Asparagus: The presentation very positive, it looked very appetizing. However, surprisingly much sauce and a bit too sour in the flavors for my taste. Three piles of some kind of pear compote that really did not have to be there because it broke off too much from the other components of the dish. Otherwise good.

The Steak Tartar: Also here the presentation was very nice. Very tasty with the pickled cucumber together with the meat. I would like to have a bit more mayonnaise however to balance the richness of the raw meat. A bit wiry meat pieces, but high quality on the meat so this did not matter much.

The rhubarb: I was advised to choose this one by a former chef colleague who happened to work at the restaurant this evening, which was a good suggestion as the rhubarb really was the highlight of the meal. The absolute best was the "elder flower caviar" in the dish which is made with the help of sodium alginate and calcium lactate together with some elder flower juice which ends up as sort of small fish eggs where each little egg is bursting with taste. The rhubarb was perfectly baked and the sour cream sorbet was perfect for breaking off the other items in the dish.

Service: Unfortunately we received a waitress who must have had a bad day because the time between the servings lasted for a unbelievably long time and also one in our company was leaned and shuffled off quite properly, creating a mood and feeling that we were not really welcome. Really unfortunate.

Environment: Unbeatable. Getting to sit down in these incredibly beautiful halls and enjoying a meal in this way feels very unique. It is clearly one of Stockholm's most beautiful and most adorable dining room environments, no wonder that they at the Swedish gala "Restauranggalan" 2016 won a prize for Restaurant Interior of The Year.

Overall rating: I would love to go back just because the place has such great potential to be outstanding. As mentioned before, the environment is unbeatable and the menu is replaced often so you can easily go back for repeated experiences. My grade will therefore be 3/5 thyme twigs.


Restaurant Brasseriet Strömgatan 14 111 52 Stockholm 08-518 398 20

brasseriet-2017-share Utside Table before Dining room AsparagusThe White Asparagus Wall TartarThe Steak Tartar Uen Glass RubarbThe rhubarb Donut Dining area Table after Interior Bar