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I think that everyone of you have heard of it, but do you know the story behind it?Did it just appear out of thin air? No, no, no. Let me tell you! 


The very first michelin guide came as early as in the year 1900 by the initiative of the tire manufacturer Michelin. In the beginning it was distributed for free to anyone who bought a new car. The purpose of the guide was actually to get people to tear the tires so much that they needed to buy new ones, haha. They were encouraged to travel as far as possible outside of Paris to the countryside for this to happen. They also had another intention with the bible, oh sorry! I mean the Michelin Guide (hehe!), this was to raise the interest for traveling by car so that more people would by one and then wear their tires out. haha, brilliant. Maybe not that environmentally friendly, but hey! Who cared in the beginning of the 20th century? Right?! ;)

The purpose in the beginning was to simplify peoples travel by car and it wasn't formed as the ones we have today, the early ones contained information about where to stop for gas, how to change light bulbs and tires, where to stop for a meal och sleep over.

The star-system was first introduced 30 years in, in the 30's. The food in the guide is rated with stars, from 1 to 3. The ratings for the environment, service and other impressions is rewarded with cutlery, from 1 to 5. The hotels are rewarded in the same way as the restaurants but with house symbols in different sizes. Red cutlery and house symbols are given to particularly pleasant restaurants and hotels.


The stars are only based on the food served.

Beside that, there's five criterias the inspectors look for: 1. The quality of the ingredients 2. The craftmanship - for example the taste and preparation 3. The personality -  how well the cook succeeds in finding his own expression within the dishes 4. Value for the money 5. The quality over time - There must be an equally amazing experience, no matter when you visit the restaurant

All the inspectors working for Guide Michelin are anonymous to assure the readers of the guide that they do not receive special service or treatment, just as any other guest.

The michelin guide's overall mission was back then, and still is, "a better way forward".

Swedish Michelin starred restaurants:

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Have you guys ever eaten at a Michelin starred restaurant?