"I HAVE had the honor to work with YANNICK during OUR EVENT COCKTAILS WITH CARL. For this assignment, we hired YANNICK to take complete responsibility for planning and delivery of the food, drinks and staff to the event. YANNICK HaS a structured approach where he ongoing updated us with information regarding STRUCTURE AND COSTS. We are very pleased WITH Yannick's work and will hIre him also in the future and can warmly recommend him for various projects IN FOOD AND DRINK. "

Jessica Wiik
CEO, Carl&Son Skincare

complete responsibility for food, drinks and staff for exclusive event in Stockholm, sweden.


"Yannick has been super wonderful to work with. He has a very open attitude, a can-do-spirit and are willing to spend time on details that make the whole experience a little more beautiful for those he cooks for. In addition to the food tasting great, Even the deliveries HAVE BEEN appreciated enormously. Thank you Yannick! "

Natali Fernando
Project Manager, Amazing Alice

Assignment performed for the PR & Communications Agency Amazing Alice
to prepare lunches in collaboration with Quorn.


"We organized an event where we had the privilege of having Yannicks in place. The arrangement for the evening was a three course dinner for 15 people who would listen to a lecture at the same time.
A successful evening where everything was organized from start to finish in a very impressive way. Yannick offered a wonderful taste experience and a nice service.
We give him our warmEST recommendations."

Product & PR CoordinatoR, ALF SÖRENSEN

Dinner COMMISSIONED BY Real Time Media AB FOR Alf Sörensen.